Our Mission

Contrax Creative Studios is a team of creative, innovative designers who are committed to providing brands with high quality and strategic designs that will help them to bring their brands to life. We aim to supply small and medium size companies with design solutions that will enable them to save time and money. We will remain customer centric to ensure that our clients are satisfied. We are guided by honesty, integrity and a willingness to learn and grow.

Our Vision

To become the number 1 supplier in the Caribbean and the world of high quality, and strategic graphic and web design solutions.

Modern Office


Customer Success
We will listen to the feedback of our customers to improve on our services and to continue to provide them with a service that benefits them. 

Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results

Provide a workplace culture that will nurture the talent and creativity of its members.

Team Work
Work collaboratively despite our differences to achieve  the company’s goal. The strength of the team does not rely on one soul individual.


We will speak to team members with respect and kindness. ​


Attention to Detail
We aim at increasing our productivity and reducing the likelihood of error

We deliver quality services of unmatched value, constantly raising the bar on our performance.