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Capture Your Special Day

Whether you’re toasting the start of the most memorable day of your life, giggling with your girls as you get ready, or taking that last deep breath before you walk down the aisle, we are there to capture every single moment, to be remembered for years to come.

Capture Your Special Day

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Wedding Photo Packages

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 3 Hours of Photography

 Wedding Photo Session

 100 Photos

 Images received electronically

15% off Engagement Photoshoot



$500 usd

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De Luxe Package

Pre-wedding Photos

Wedding Photo Session

200 Photos

Images received electronically

Complimentary Framed Photo

Up to 6 hours of photography

20% off Engagement Photoshoot


$550 usd

Wedding Shoes

Crown Jewel Package

Pre-wedding Photos

Wedding Photo Session

300 Photos

Receive images on Flash Drive

Complimentary Framed Photo

Up to 8 hours of photography

Five 4*6 Prints

30% off Engagement Photoshoot


$700 usd

Deliver elegant online wedding invitations to all of your friends and family with Contrax. We can also design stationery for your ceremony and reception that brings your style to paper.

Wedding Invitations and Stationery

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Oneilia & Daniel Passley

Oneilia and Daniel Passley are wedding photographers based in Kingston, Jamaica. Sharing more than love and laughter, they share a love for photography. 

We understand the importance of authentic, candid storytelling. After all, your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. Your photos must captivate your heart or put a tear of joy in your eyes. 

We ensure our clients are always in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, making every effort to make our sessions as enjoyable as possible.

Meet the Team