• Oneilia Bryan-Passley

5 Characteristics of a Great Logo Design

Why is a well designed logo important for your small business?

Your logo is the face of your business! A good logo design distinguishes you from your competition.

To understand what makes a great logo, you have to think about it objectively; that is, without personal feelings, preferences, or opinions influencing the outcome.

You have to ask:

  • What does the logo communicate about the brand?

  • How does it stand the test of time?

  • Can people remember it all after once glance?

A logo design is a combination of text and image that tells people the name of your small business and tells customers the vision and values of your small business.

Here are five characteristics of a great logo design:

1. It signifies something deeper.

Good design is intentional. No colour, shape or word is used haphazardly. Everything is purposeful. Think about the message you want to send and capture that in your logo design.

2. It makes your business look professional and legitimate.

Good logo design makes your business look trustworthy and legitimate. Your brand logo will communicate to your customers your ability to deliver on your word.

3. It is not complicated and is easy to read.

When it comes to logo designs less is more. You can make a big impact with a simple design. Follow the KISS method…Keep It Simple Sweet!

4. A good logo is original and distinct.

How will your customers recognize you among other businesses? Through the distinctness of your brand logo. Ask yourself the question, does my logo stand out from my competitors?

5. It is versatile.

It should be able to be used in different ways, on different platforms and still send the same message.

Be intentional about your logo design , do not take it for granted, this can make or break your business. Your logo design either attracts customers to you or pushes them to your competitors.

Remember, good design is good business!

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