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Disadvantages of Using an In-house Designer

Is your marketing team stagnated by design work not being completed on budget and on time?

If you're in this position, you are probably looking for a good design team or specialist to formulate a design solution that meets both your business goals and customer expectations. While some companies may opt to outsource their design tasks, and others hire in-house designers, there is still the head scratching question of “Which should I choose?”.

If this question worries you, then you have a good understanding of how important your brand performance is to your company’s success and just need to choose a suitable option.

Let's get down to the basics. An in-house designer is a person who is hired (on company payroll) by an organization or a company. Hiring in-house is advantageous as you have your designer along-side you in the office which means not only are they a speed dial away, you also have full oversight of your projects. While the advantages look promising, businesses face challenges when it comes to having an in-house designer on staff.

Here are 4 reasons why hiring an in-house designer may not be for you.

It May Be Expensive

Hiring an in-house designer can get pricey considering you have to pay staff, employee benefits and provide equipment for work. You will also need to purchase computer software for your employee along with all the maintenance and upgrades the software may require. These hidden costs can cause your company’s expenditure to increase far beyond the company’s budget and affect the rest of the company’s proceedings. Outsourcing a design team or studio eliminates these extra costs so more money can be allocated to other areas of business growth.

Time Consuming

Recruiting and onboarding the right designer is a time-consuming process. Sending out job postings, sifting through applications and starting the interview process is typically a one month process. This means it may take a month to hire a designer! Another disadvantage of hiring an in-house designer is the pace at which projects will be completed. Hiring an in-house designer is less efficient than having a design team. With one person working on a task, it could take a longer time to complete, with multiple persons working on a task, the faster the project can be completed.


High demand projects can result in exhaustion from your workers. Workload peaks are common in the workplace, however there are times the company’s need for design projects grows faster than the designer which often leads to a burn out. This results in having to search for a replacement or giving the designer some time off causing set-backs which can delay your progress as a company. The quality of work will also be affected which puts a strain on the company’s brand performance.

Limitations Within The Project

Design studios have valuable experience because they deal with a diversity of businesses and projects, and have better knowledge and flexibility of how technologies work and how different industries operate. An in-house designer works with a limited range of projects only, as a result, they can lack innovative ideas and ultimately lose interest in work.

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Which Is The Best Option?

Choosing what will work better for you will depend upon your own wants and needs as a company, but it is extremely important to weigh the pros and cons of all to ensure the long term success of your business. Either option can be advantageous depending on what you feel your company requires whether it be hiring an in-house designer or working with a design studio.

Just in case you would like Contrax Creative Studios to aid you on your journey, contact us at to get started.

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