• Kaydian Campbell

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Logo

It’s tempting to be your own graphic designer. It’s as simple as turning on your computer and drawing a bunch of shapes and letters, one may say. However, a lot of thought goes into creating these shapes and letters to perfect one of the most important components a brand needs.

A logo is not only the face of your branding, but is a storytelling element for your business and is often one of the first things a potential client sees before deciding to conduct business with you. A professional graphic designer will help create a logo that represents your business, your industry, your products, and your values.

That being said, here are 3 reasons why you shouldn't DIY your logo:

Missing the Message

Branding is both an art and science. The fonts, colors and typography all come together to invoke an emotion in your customers. This also means it takes a lot of research and strategy into making a logo that will represent your brand message. If the right components are not used, you will risk the chance of your brand message being overlooked.

Without a clear brand message, companies often struggle to express their purpose, which renders them invisible to many potential clients. Your brand message should be noticed at a potential customer's first glance. A professional logo designer will make sure your company’s message is developed into a compelling logo.


Another downside to creating your own logo is the risk of an amateurish look. Most people are visual learners which means they can tell when something is off with your design. Using the wrong components in your design can seriously damage your brand’s integrity.

Common mistakes that result in an amateur logo are:

1. Using the Wrong Fonts and Colors